Laf Organic Farm at the Bio Balkan Fair

bio balcan

Laf Organic Farm was presented at this year's Bio Balkan Fair, held at the Belgrade Fair on September 26-29, During the four days of the Fair, the Laf Organic Farm stand was visited by over 1,000 visitors. The largest number of visitors was interested in buying organic food in Belgrade, while some were interested in the possibilities for organic agriculture. The Laf Organic Farm representatives shared their experiences, giving advice to the interested visitors, etc.

The stand was also visited by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management who talked with representatives of the Laf Farm on the upcoming census of agriculture, the market of organic vegetables and fruits in Serbia, as well as the need to create development policies in the field of organic agriculture.

Zorana Gajic from the Laf Organic Farm, during the counselling on organic farming held in the Conference Hall of the Belgrade Fair on September 26, gave a presentation on social entrepreneurship programmes on the Laf Organic Farm, as well as the association of organic producers within the citizens association “Bio Development”.

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