Citizens association for creative stimulation "Studio" was founded in 2004 in Belgrade. Our main goal is to stimulate employment and creative abilities of people with disabilities through the production of items made of ceramics, drawings and textile.




We produce mainly ceramic products - variety of decorative and utility items, handmade and painted.

All products are custom made and we try to match their aesthetics with the message that our customers want to spread. The procedure of making ceramic products involves the following: first the children get a task, make a pattern that goes to the client for approval, and then the mass production begins.

All ceramic products are handmade and unique. The special value lies in the fact that the products are designed by people with disabilities, whose imagination and creativity contributes to the uniqueness of these products. Most of the profits of our Association are made by selling unique ceramic items. Sales provide 58% of the funds and the rest is provided through donations. Our customers are companies, organisations or individuals who want to buy unique and handmade products.

And there is more We have achieved cooperation with the Centre for the Housing and Day Care for Children and Youth with Disabilities, "Drinka Pavlovic" Elementary School, Stari Grad Municipality and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy, which will strengthen our association and increase the number of beneficiaries.

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Our organisation's mission is to provide creative programmes for the mentally insufficiently developed persons - programmes that will encourage their creative abilities, their independence, and better integration in the environment that surrounds them.

Within its day care, "Studio" offers creative workshops for youth and adults with special needs. The activities engage academic painters and ceramists, psychologists and special education teachers, as well as volunteers, who are mostly parents of our beneficiaries.

Through work engagement, presentation and sale of their products, the beneficiaries are ensured interaction with the social environment. In this way the general public is presented with potentials and needs of this population, and the stereotypes about the nature of people with disabilities and disability in general are alleviated.