Fenomena Resort is a social enterprise created as an initiative of the Fenomena Association from Kraljevo. Our goal is to empower women, promote environmental protection and promote the concept of social entrepreneurship.




At the mountain of Goč, thirty kilometres from Kraljevo, we plan to build a resort and a workspace called Fenomena Resort, on our own land and with the help of donations and investments.

The resort capacities will be rented for seminars, workshops and relaxation of different target groups in the business, non-profit and public sectors. They will be provided with the wellness and anti-burnout programmes. In periods when there are no scheduled seminars the resort will be open to the general public so that its capacities are fully utilised.

The profit from the resort operations will be invested in the work of the Fenomena Association. In addition to commercial and social goals, Fenomena Resort has its environmental goals, the most important being the promotion of the facility as a self-heating eco-house. The project partner in the part concerning architectural design is the Research and Development Centre Veljko Milkovic from Novi Sad.

The goal is for Fenomena Resort to become a regional example of best practice in connecting environmental and social business component, and a part of a global network of environmental social enterprises.

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The Fenomena Association was founded in 2006 as a non-partisan, nongovernmental and non-profit association. The goals of the Association are - the establishment and provision of new social services for survivors of gender-based violence (through SOS and related services); raising awareness and education, particularly of young men and women and the general public about the issues of gender equality, environment and social entrepreneurship; promoting and instigation of entrepreneurship among women; improving mechanisms for the implementation of relevant laws to improve gender equality; promotion of environmental sustainability, renewable energy and related topics related to environmental protection.


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