Centre for Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship (CDOP) was founded in 2010 with the aim to recognise socially responsible ideas, individuals and organisations and actively support them through its training and development activities. In this way we encourage society and individuals in the implementation of creative, socially responsible and sustainable ideas and projects.




The enterprise makes a profit through educational and developmental activities, consulting, mentoring and providing technical support.

Our beneficiary in the field of education and support can be anyone - a company, organisation or an individual. If we like your idea, if you share a common set of values - you will get our support, which includes not only the development of ideas, but also the personal development of each individual participating in the project.

A part of the profits is directed to building an educational complex for the development and promotion of social responsibility. The complex will be located on our property, on the way to a lake in Vrmdža village, at the foot of Rtanj Mountain in south-eastern Serbia. It is designed to be an incubator for corporate social responsibility and to be called “The Fifth Element” - thus emphasising the importance and impact of people and their potentials to the development of society and the environment.

And there’s more During the social entrepreneurship tour, the Centre received the award for the best project in this area in Serbia, and it is particularly important since the Nobel Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus was the jury member. We consider it the greatest reward for our work and dedication.

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The main objective of CDOP is to promote and raise awareness about the importance of social entrepreneurship. The characteristic of our work is a holistic approach, which involves the simultaneous development of ideas, organisation, and individuals. Our educational complex is designed as a “safe house for crazy ideas”, where every innovative and good idea can be given its final shape and structure.


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