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BIOIDEA is the handicraft workshop founded in 2011. We conduct handicraft training for the production of handmade soaps. Our workshop is a place for free and open transfer of knowledge and skills to people who belong to marginalised groups due to age, sex or lack of working experience.

bioidea sapunibioidea sapuni



Our workshop is the first to combine the traditional craftsmanship of making soaps with modern design and contemporary knowledge. BIOIDEA soaps are environmentally friendly and completely natural products for skin care and protection.

  • Try our medicinal soaps - with goat milk and herbs. They are intended primarily for people with sensitive skin. These soaps are pH neutral. They allow skin to be balanced and healthy, and to heal itself.
  • There are also our regular soaps - soaps with shea butter, extremely moisturising and containing chocolate, cocoa and essential oils.

And there is more Tourist Organization of Belgrade has included our products in the souvenirs of the capital city, so that tourists can buy them at all the places that sell Belgrade souvenirs - including our small sales office in Skadarlija.

  • Bioidea sapuni
  • Bioidea sapuni
  • Bioidea sapuni
  • Bioidea sapuni
  • Bioidea sapuni
  • Bioidea sapuni



BIOIDEA offers free knowledge and training, enables vulnerable groups to generate income for themselves and to be the owners of their own labour - and to jointly enter the market.

The goal of our training is to create a network of small workshops for the production of bio-soaps, with streamlined production processes that provide a high quality product. The Association is based on a cooperative relationship, or on the principles of free franchise. The profit is shared equally among the workshops - each workshop is the owner of its profit.


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